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Boyfriend Shirt


The men's version of our best-selling Original Button-down

This style was the challenge that started the collection. Would it be possible to turn to make a shirt entirely from scratch? 

What did people do before the invention of the button-hole machine? Before plastic and metal buttons? How would we make these in a forest where neither existed?

Credit goes to the artisans for pulling off their embroidery skills and hand-stitching buttonholes that look like they came from a Saville Row suit. Traditional hand-knot buttons made from fabric cording fit perfectly through the button-holes.

The fabric selvedge runs down the front of the button placket to remind you that it's the real handwoven stuff. Dipped in natural indigo and hung in the sun to fade, the blotchy effect is characteristic of the small-batch hand-dye process.

The original prototype was made for a Smithsonian exhibition and took two years to perfect.

Style 01211