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Care Instructions

Due to its all-natural hand-made process, our garments will require extra care that is different from your usual machine-made clothing. 

To soften the fabric, our grandmothers beat each piece with a wooden mallet. If it is not soft enough to your liking, don't worry. It will continue to soften with each wash.


Don't be afraid of wearing off-white. Since no chemicals were used, the fabric retains the natural oils of the cotton plant. Dirt and stains easily roll off when washed, just like a white poodle after a doggie bath.

1)  Hand-wash cold, line dry, or
2)  Machine-wash in mesh bag, line dry


Natural dyes will fade and become more beautiful over time. It is similar to how dark blue jeans will lighten with each washing. 

For a faded patina effect:  Hand-wash cold, line dry 
To keep the original color:  Dry-clean only 


Natural fibers will wrinkle. This shows that it is not blended with any synthetic fibers. Our garments should be ironed using the highest setting (HOT) with steam.