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Do they irritate your skin?

Do they make you feel hot and sweaty?

Does your skin feel like it can't breathe?

Most clothing today is made from plastics and harmful chemicals. At ANGEL CHANG we’ve created zero carbon womenswear that is natural and handmade -- so you can wear beautiful clothes that are healthy for you and the planet.

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  • Southwest China

    Produced seed-to-button within a 30-mile radius in the mountains of Guizhou province 

  • Native seed cotton

    Grown using organic farming practices

    Organic cotton makes up less than 0.4% of global cotton production


  • Hand-spun yarn

    Reviving a technique at-risk of disappearing

  • Medicinal plant dyes

    Indigo leaves (Strobilanthes cusia)

    Gardenia flower (Gardenia jasminoides)

  • Handwoven fabric

    Made in village homes so mothers can take care of their children

  • Hand-sewn entirely

    Including the buttons and button-holes