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Most clothing today is made from plastics and harmful chemicals.

At ANGEL CHANG we’ve created zero carbon womenswear that's handmade directly from nature -- so you can wear beautiful clothes that are healthy for you and the planet.

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"Angel Chang's new line was made with no electricity, synthetics, or chemicals -- just 'sun, plants, and mountain water."


"The cotton is softer, the natural dyes are prettier, and the drape of a hand-stitched blouse is visibly different than that of a machine-made garment."


  • South China Karst Mountains

    UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Home of the Miao and Dong ethnic minority people

    We produce seed-to-button within a 30-mile radius in Guizhou province 

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  • Native seed cotton

    Grown on small family farms by women farmers

    Using naturally organic traditional faming practices


  • Hand-spun yarn

    Reviving techniques at-risk of disappearing

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  • Medicinal plant dyes

    Indigo leaves (Strobilanthes cusia)

    Gardenia flower (Gardenia jasminoides)

  • Handwoven fabric

    Made in village homes so mothers can take care of their children

  • Hand-sewn entirely

    Including the buttons and button-holes

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