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At ANGEL CHANG we know you want to feel free in a world of constant change. In order to do that, you need natural clothes that calm your mind and body.

But fashion today is one of the biggest global polluters and the chemicals used may be harmful to your body. We believe you should not have to worry about what's in your clothes, and that they ought to be healthy for your skin and body.

We understand you desire natural clothes that are traceable to the original source. That’s why I spent the past 9 years developing a seed-to-button, zero carbon womenswear line that is handmade by indigenous tribes in the mountains. It's traceable to the source using ancient techniques that follow the cycles of nature.

So shop the collection now, so you can stop wearing the unknown and instead feel good knowing your clothes are healthy for you and the planet.  

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In the remote mountain villages of Guizhou province, rural China, ethnic minority tribes continue to practice ancient fabric-making techniques going back 2,000 years.

We help keep their indigenous knowledge alive in a country where they are often marginalized and do not have a voice.



We follow ancient technology and return to clothing as it was made up until 150 years ago: entirely by hand!

Each limited-edition piece is made seed-to-button and takes six months to produce. During this time, native cotton seed is organically grown, hand-spun into yarn, handwoven into fabric, dyed using wild plants, and hand-sewn into clothing -- all within a 30-mile radius. 


By following traditional techniques, we do not use electricity, chemicals, or fossil fuels. 

Our collection is made from just three ingredients: sun, plants, and mountain water. 

Wearing it is like being wrapped in nature all day long.


We create clothing that nourishes your soul, lovingly hand-made by grandmothers living one with nature. 

Breathable natural fibers are left in their pure state so you feel calm, grounded, and connected to the earth. With mind and body at ease, your vibrational energy stays lifted throughout the day.  


  • Southwest China

    Produced seed-to-button within a 30-mile radius in the mountains of Guizhou province 

  • Native seed cotton

    Grown using organic farming practices

    Organic cotton makes up less than 0.4% of global cotton production


  • Hand-spun yarn

    Reviving a technique at-risk of disappearing

  • Medicinal plant dyes

    Indigo leaves (Strobilanthes cusia)

    Gardenia flower (Gardenia jasminoides)

  • Handwoven fabric

    Made in village homes so mothers can take care of their children

  • Hand-sewn entirely

    Including the buttons and button-holes