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Biasha Palazzo Pants


As seen in VOGUE and Whitewall.

Worn here with our Original Button-Down. 

These were inspired by the men's pants of the Miao minority in Biasha village, the last gunner tribe in China. Boys and men wear these pants as a daily uniform, made lovingly by the mother of the family.

Made higher-wasted for women, side pockets are closed with fabric knot buttons. Tactile hand-embroidered stitches follow the seams while cozy hand-spun French seams follow the curves of your body. They follow a zero-waste construction where the full-width of the fabric is used from selvedge-to-selvedge.

Bathed in mountain water and hung to dry in the sun, this piece of clothing has never touched a machine. The fabric comes directly from the earth and is the closest to wearing nature on your skin.

This is the natural cotton color: raw, pure and unadulterated. Nubby textures and hand-made buttons made imperfectly perfect. 

Looks great with sandals or white sneakers.

Style 01301

Non-stretch fabric.

Fits true to size, take your normal size. For a looser fit, take the next size up.

Those with broad shoulders may take the next size up.

Model is 175 cm/5'9" and is wearing a size Small.

S = size 4 (US)

M = size 6 - 8 (US)

L = size 8 - 10 (US)

100% native seed cotton

We use natural off-white cotton that is grown by the village artisans using organic farming practices.

Native cotton seed can actually grow during a drought. Not to be confused with the water-thirsty GMO cotton seed invented 30 years ago that now makes up 99.4% of cotton production globally.

Growing cotton:  4 months
Preparing cotton:  3 days
Hand-spinning:  5 days
Setting up loom:  1 weeks
Hand-weaving:  3 - 5 days
Finishing fabric:  3 days
Dyeing fabric:  2 - 14 days
Cutting fabric:  1 days
Sewing:  3 - 9 days
Washing:  2 days

Seed-to-sewing in a 30-mile radius:
No chemicals
No fossil fuels
No electricity

Artisans paid a living wage

Each piece was beaten with a wooden mallet to make the fabric extra soft and drapey. It will continue to get softer with each wash. 


Don't be afraid of wearing off-white. Since no chemicals were used, the fabric retains the natural oils of the cotton plant. Dirt and stains easily roll off when washed, just like a white poodle after a doggie bath.

1)  Hand-wash cold, line dry, or
2) Machine-wash in mesh bag, line dry


Natural dyes will fade and become more beautiful over time. It is similar to how dark blue jeans will lighten with each washing. 

For a faded patina effect:
Hand-wash cold, line dry 

To keep the original color:
Dry-clean only 


Natural fibers will wrinkle. This shows that it is not blended with any synthetic fibers.

Our garments should be ironed using the highest setting (HOT) with steam.