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Water Master Pants dark indigo


As seen in Departures and Vogue Business.

Worn here with our Anti T-shirt

Also looks great with our Original Button-down.

A vibrant 70-year old man lives in a wooden house across the river from my workshop. He is a Water aster, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine that uses water, fire, mantras and incantations to stop bleeding and heal bones in the body.  For him, it is a science and there is nothing woo-woo about it.

Taught to the top 10% of martial arts students at Shaolin Temple, the home of kung fu, this secret branch of traditional Chinese medicine can also be passed down from father to son.

The handwoven fabric makes these wide culotte pants lightweight and airy. The wrap-around belt adjusts to any waist size. Hand-embroidered stitching sits atop cozy hand-sewn seams that follow the curves of the body. 

Great for kung-fu kicks, sitting in lotus position, or just lounging around in the park.

Dyed in natural indigo six times over two weeks to achieve a deep saturation. As an herbal medicine, indigo is a natural antiseptic and cooling on the skin. Farmers wear indigo-dyed clothing in the fields because it repels insects and mosquitos.

Order your normal size to wear high-waisted. Select one size up for a fuller skirt look.

Model wears a size M for a looser fit.

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