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Artisan Jean Jacket

Artisan Jean Jacket


Worn here with our Biasha Palazzo Pant.

Exhibited at the BIO27 design biennale.

Working with natural indigo dye, I am always reminded of how original denim was created 150 years ago and what it would look like if it were handwoven.

This oversized jean jacket is made from heavy cotton fabric hand-woven by a grandmother 40+ years ago.  It was stored in wooden trunks in a village home, waiting to, one day, be transformed into the perfect jacket.

It's entirely sewn by hand with heavy embroidered top stitching.The chunky hand-made buttons are made from sliced tree branch wrapped in fabric -- a genius solution the artisans came up with since buttons don't exist in nature. The button-holes are lovingly hand-embroidered like those on Saville Row suits.

The fabric selvedge runs down the front button placket, showing you it's the real hand-woven stuff. The unlined interior is just as beautiful for its patient hand-sewn construction.

This is natural cotton, undyed and picked straight from the rural mountain fields. Specks of the brown hull show it's the real deal, just like the specks of vanilla bean in ice cream.

Style 01611

Non-stretch fabric.

Fits true to size, take your normal size. For a looser fit, take the next size up.

Those with broad shoulders may take the next size up.

Model is 175 cm/5'9" and is wearing a size Small.

S = size 4 (US)

M = size 6 - 8 (US)

L = size 8 - 10 (US)

100% native seed cotton

We use natural off-white cotton that is grown by the village artisans using organic farming practices.

Native cotton seed can actually grow during a drought. Not to be confused with the water-thirsty GMO cotton seed invented 30 years ago that now makes up 99.4% of cotton production globally.

Growing cotton:  4 months
Preparing cotton:  3 days
Hand-spinning:  5 days
Setting up loom:  1 weeks
Hand-weaving:  3 - 5 days
Finishing fabric:  3 days
Dyeing fabric:  2 - 14 days
Cutting fabric:  1 days
Sewing:  3 - 9 days
Washing:  2 days

Seed-to-sewing in a 30-mile radius:
No chemicals
No fossil fuels
No electricity

Artisans paid a living wage

Each piece was beaten with a wooden mallet to make the fabric extra soft and drapey. It will continue to get softer with each wash. 


Don't be afraid of wearing off-white. Since no chemicals were used, the fabric retains the natural oils of the cotton plant. Dirt and stains easily roll off when washed, just like a white poodle after a doggie bath.

1)  Hand-wash cold, line dry, or
2) Machine-wash in mesh bag, line dry


Natural dyes will fade and become more beautiful over time. It is similar to how dark blue jeans will lighten with each washing. 

For a faded patina effect:
Hand-wash cold, line dry 

To keep the original color:
Dry-clean only 


Natural fibers will wrinkle. This shows that it is not blended with any synthetic fibers.

Our garments should be ironed using the highest setting (HOT) with steam.