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Clean clothes for a carbon free future

At ANGEL CHANG we know you want to feel liberated and free in a world of constant change. In order to do that, you need clothes that feel effortless and match your enlightened mindset.

The problem is fashion is one of the biggest polluters in the world using chemicals that harm the environment and contribute 10% of global carbon emissions. Knowing this leaves you feeling confused about what to buy and wear. We believe you should not feel conflicted, and that your clothes should be healthy for both you and the planet.

We understand you want consciously-designed clothes that are traceable to the original source. That’s why I spent the past 9 years developing a seed-to-button, zero carbon womenswear collection handmade by indigenous tribes in the mountains. It's made according to ancient techniques that follow the cycles of nature using just 3 ingredients: sun, plants and mountain water.

Here’s how it works: 1) browse the styles and buy a piece online, 2) we will ship it along with the story of how it was made, 3) feel free and alive as you go about your day.

So shop the collection now. So you can stop feeling conflicted, and instead feel good knowing your clothes are healthy for you and the planet.