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Our mission

Indigenous knowledge is becoming increasingly important to the world as we face climate change.

The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions on the planet. Apparel production contributes 20% of the world’s total pollution, and textiles are the second largest polluter of freshwater (after agriculture).

While traditional craftsmanship and indigenous knowledge can offer more sustainable approaches to producing clothing today, this know-how is quickly disappearing as the younger generations are not continuing the craft.

Our mission is to keep biocultural heritage alive by creating a supply chain that incentivizes the younger generations to learn the craft and pass down the artisan tradition. 

Selling their textiles to the international market brings much-needed revenue back to the rural villages. Creating rural jobs helps poverty alleviation and enables mothers to send their girls to school, no longer just their boys -- thus increasing gender equality.

Support women artisans 

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