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Re-connecting With the Land

A spiritual connection with nature has enabled the villagers to live harmoniously with their environment and create cottage industries that are sustainable and non-polluting.   Over its 5,000 years of civilization, Chinese culture has traditionally lived in harmony with nature – giving birth to Taoism, Zen Buddhism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine that all emphasize living in balance and harmony with the natural world around them. The recent eroding of this traditional practice has, undoubtedly, resulted in the extreme pollution and environmental crisis that China experiences today. A new generation is growing up without access to fresh air, eating produce grown in contaminated soils, and living in cities dominated by artificial plastic products. Their long-term health (with rising cancer rates) has suffered as a result. It is time to reverse this trend, educate the people on the environment, and reconnect the Chinese back with the land. Today, 80 rural villages a day are destroyed in China – and with it, the connection with nature and understanding of the land. One can learn how to live in harmony with nature by …