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China is a dynamic country that has advanced rapidly in the last 30 years to become the world’s second largest economy. In this rush for “progress,” however, there seems to be a preference for short term gain which has led to long-term destruction. It seems that the country’s most beautiful resources (nature, biodiversity, clean air) are currently being destroyed by those who do not appreciate its value.

This blog aims to remind the Chinese how beautiful their rural countryside was just a few decades ago, and to re-connect them with nature and the beauty of their land. The current generation has forgotten what it’s like to wake up to clear blue skies, and to experience produce and food uncontaminated by chemicals. The Chinese must take the initiative in educating themselves on environmental awareness and urgently find solutions to the pollution and environmental crisis that is now affecting the health of their own people.

What happens in China will eventually affect the world, so we must all offer our support and be part of the long-term solution.