Atelier ANGEL CHANG is a womenswear line using traditional handwoven fabrics of the indigenous Miao and Dong ethnic minorities in Guizhou province, rural China. The collection takes an ancient craftsmanship dating back 1000 years, and reinterprets it into modern silhouettes. The design process requires working closely with fabric masters in mountain villages where families have maintained all-natural, chemical-free traditional processes in the production of their clothes. The fabrics and embroideries are made completely by hand, from locally-grown raw materials, using fresh plants native to the surrounding mountains, and without the use of electricity.

We work with non-profit partners Global Heritage Fund,  Dimen Dong Cultural Eco-Museum, and The Western China Cultural Ecology Workshop to ensure community impact at the local level.

The capsule collection was made possible thanks to the generous support of Shang Xia, Pernod Ricard China, and Stella Luna.