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This perfecto jacket was adapted from the stiff traditional indigo-dyed hats worn by the Miao tribes in eastern Guizhou.  We went back to basics and re-wove the original diamond pattern, then dyed it grey using mulberry leaves from the local mountain forest. To make the pattern more pronounced in the fabric, we followed the traditional technique of pounding it all day with a wooden mallet.

IMG_0118_3 thumb

This is the traditional indigo-dyed pattern. We made the same, but dyed it grey.


The pleated skirt is made from multicolored damask panels handwoven by the Dong minorities in Zhaoxing Village.

IMG_0020 2 thumb

The fabric is traditionally worn as headpieces, or swung around in dance performances like this:

Above look credits:   Sunny Lee (photographer), Yi Guo (stylist)

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