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This airy organic cotton top is made from a basic hand-woven cotton fabric that can be found in the homes of every ethnic minority in Guizhou province. Our version was made on the traditional Dong loom in our training program worship in Dimen Village. Due to the fine thread and gentle touch required to maintain its lightweight hand, it takes an entire day to weave 3 meters of narrow-width fabric (40 cm wide).

The wrap-around pants are made from twisted silk and cotton fibers hand-woven by the Sui minority tribe. While the silk and cotton were sourced and produced locally in one village, it is unusual to have the two fibers twisted together in one yarn. Being able to control every stop of the fabric-weaving process enabled  us to experiment with fiber blends like this and create new modern qualities.  It is dyed grey using mulberry leaves from the surrounding mountain forest.

The yak-fiber scarf was hand-woven by Tibetans in Gansu Province. The fibers were left their natural color: dark yarns of hand-spun yak hair and white yarns of undyed silk threads.

Above look credits:   Sunny Lee (photographer), Yi Guo (stylist)

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