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The dark grey diamond-pattern fabric developed for this jacket was originally inspired by the traditional indigo-dyed cotton version of the Buyi minority tribe in the south of Guizhou. In this modernized version, Miao fabric masters re-wove used silk thread in our training program workshop in Dimen village.

The silk worms for the fabric were raised in the homes of Miao villagers between the months of April and June, when they can be fed the fresh leaves of the local mulberry trees. It is dyed grey using the same mulberry leaves from the surrounding mountain forest.

The cinched-waist wide-legged pants are made from twisted silk and cotton fibers hand-woven by the Sui minority tribe. While the silk and cotton were sourced and produced locally in one village, it is unusual to have the two fibers twisted together in one yarn. Being able to control every stop of the fabric-weaving process enabled  us to experiment with fiber blends like this and create new modern qualities.

Above look credits:   Stockton Johnson (photographer), Vanessa Bellugeon (stylist)

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