Guizhou Villages, Natural dyes
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Natural dyes

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Mr. Yang, an 80-yr old dye master of the Miao people, collects plants, flowers, and tree bark from the surrounding mountains to dye my fabrics. The dye bath is all-natural and can even be consumed as an herbal tea!

There are no synthetic chemicals used — just a combination of various plants, minerals, rice wine vinegar and soybean juice. The dye techniques are Miao secrets, so it is only passed down between family members from one generation to the next.

These two colors were dyed during the month of May, when the yellow flower and the red tree bark were readily available in the mountain forest. Mr. Yang collects the flower only when it has fallen to the ground or the bark only when it can be safely removed from the tree. In this way, the wild plants are not harmed.

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